KAM Simple Precision
    Production management, separators, water cut, and automatic sampling from well head to mid-stream
    Multi-product interface detection, dyed interface detection, turbidity detection, refined fuels quality control and more
    Automatic sampling, Karl Fischer, and water cut for incoming crude, turbidity detection and quality control for refined products
    Water cut measurement for truck loading and unloading, including truck-mounted units and portable Karl Fischer for site sampling
    Automatic tank dewatering systems and desalter optimization with a probe designed specifically for the tank environment
    Marine loading and unloading with water cut and complete automatic sampling systems
    Jet fuel quality control and fuel filter monitoring
    Karl Fischer moisture analysis plus circulating sample mixer, homogenizer, reagents and more


For over 30 years KAM CONTROLS has served the oil & petroleum industry with measurement solutions for oil water detection, water-cut measurement, custody transfer, tank de-watering, interface detection, refined fuels quality control, FAME contamination, and more. KAM CONTROLS products are designed to save our customers time, money, and invaluable man hours through innovative problem solving, user-friendly products, and a high degree of accuracy and reliability.

Long a leader in innovation and design, KAM CONTROLS has a history of pioneering a multitude of technologies and applications for the petroleum industry, including:

  • The first ever insertable ultrasonic flow meter
  • Being the first to apply coulometric Karl Fischer technology to water measurement in crude oil
  • Developing the patented KAM SMP Static Mixing Plate
  • Pioneering the use of optics for fluorescence and interface detection in refined fuels pipelines
  • Developing the patented, multi-antenna KAM OWD Water Cut Meter
  • Developing the first ever colorimeter/haze analyzer to incorporate the sensor and all requisite electronics into a single, insertable unit