KAM Simple Precision
ML Measurement Loop

ML Measurement Loop DiagramAccurate oil-water measurement is a function of velocity. In situations with low velocity or inconsistent flow velocities, proper mixing  for accurate measurement is unattainable, making real-time, in-line water-cut metering almost impossible in some applications and difficult in most.  

However, the unique design of the ML Measurement Loop creates a consistent  measurement environment and a constant velocity above 7fps, regardless of application, water concentration, fluid viscosity, or temperature.  This  velocity ensures  fluid homogeneity  and consistent oil/water droplet size ratio, guaranteeing highly  accurate, repeatable measurement with the OWD Water Cut Meter.

A paper on water content determination in crude oil was presented at the International School of Hydrocarbon Management.


  • Ensures compliance with API Chapter 8.2
  • Consistent velocity
  • Consistent droplet size ratio
  • Consistent homogeneity
  • Consistent accuracy


  • Automated Well Test
  • Production Management
  • Ideal for low-velocity and heavy-oil applications


Loop Pipe Size 1.5"
Main Pipeline Size 2" and up
Suction Nozzle 1.5"
Injector Nozzle 1.5"