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True 0-100% Watercut Measurement

Aug 22, 2016   //   by   //   KAM News

Optimized for Any Watercut

The KAM OWD Full-Range Watercut Meter uses a patented multi-antenna design, allowing it to operate at the optimal microwave frequencies for any amount of water. That means that the accuracy, repeatability and reliability is exactly …

KAM Static Mixing Plates save space and money

Aug 5, 2016   //   by   //   KAM News

The patented KAM SMP Static Mixing Plate simplifies mixing requirements in pipelines from 2-48″. Designed to easily install between two flanges, the SMP is a more economic option to other static mixers both in terms of height or breadth requirements …

Better BS&W for diverse densities

Aug 5, 2016   //   by   //   KAM News


Today’s midstream market faces numerous measurement challenges, including accurate BS&W when density changes at unloading sites. Unlike capacitance technologies, the patented KAM OWD uses multiple antennas and microwave frequencies, plus automatic density compensation in tandem with a mass flow meter …