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KAM ATD Automatic Tank Dewatering – Product Literature (Spanish)

Jan 31, 2020   //   by

Come to our Water Cut Class in Corpus Christi

Jan 30, 2019   //   by

KAM cordially invites you to participate in our Water Cut class at the next Corpus Christi Area Measurement (CCAMS) School, that will take place at the Omni Hotel Corpus Christi. We encourage both students and professionals to attend …

OWD Watercut Meter

Jul 13, 2018   //   by

With 1% of full scale accuracy regardless of range, the rugged OWD Water Cut Meter is the ideal instrument for monitoring water concentrations in a variety of applications from production to refinery. The OWD offers continuous, real-time, water cut …

Whitepaper: Laboratory testing for KAM LRW Low Range Watercut Meter for custody transfer/BS&W

Aug 9, 2017   //   by

Whitepaper: Laboratory testing for KAM LRW Low Range Watercut Meter for custody transfer / BS&W

Aug 9, 2017   //   by


This paper summarizes analysis of the results of multiple laboratory tests for the KAM LRW Low Range Watercut Meter. The meter uses a microwave resonance technology, new to the KAM product line up. Tests were conducted both as a …

User Testimonial – OWD Offshore / High Water

Apr 17, 2017   //   by

LRW Low Range Watercut meter

Oct 24, 2016   //   by

A superior option to traditional BS&W technologies, the patented KAM LRW™ Low Range Watercut meter offers the high accuracy and repeatability of microwave measurement in a package specifically designed for custody transfer and other low range applications. 

Unique to the …

True 0-100% Watercut Measurement

Aug 22, 2016   //   by

Optimized for Any Watercut

The KAM OWD Full-Range Watercut Meter uses a patented multi-antenna design, allowing it to operate at the optimal microwave frequencies for any amount of water. That means that the accuracy, repeatability and reliability is exactly …

Live KAM Water Cut Meter Demo at Veracruz, Mexico

Nov 16, 2015   //   by

The “1st International Congress and Exhibition on Hydrocarbons, Petroliferous and Petrochemicals Logistics” took place at the World Trade Center (WTC) in Veracruz, Mexico on November 4th to 6th, 2015. Partnering with Coimsur, we featured a live KAM OWD Water Cut …

Sharing our Expertise on Watercut Measurement and Interface Detection at ISHM

May 9, 2015   //   by

KAM Controls invites you to the upcoming International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement (ISHM) in Oklahoma City, OK, May 11-14. We will be teaching classes on multiproduct pipeline interface detection and watercut or BS&W measurement. The classes, titled “On-line Water Measurement …