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  • OWD Watercut Meter

    [caption id="attachment_414" align="alignright" width="300"] LRW™ spool model with included static mixer and manual draw off port[/caption] A superior option to traditional BS&W meter technologies, the patented KAM® LRW™ Low Range Watercut meter offers the high accuracy and repeatability of microwave measurement in a package specifically designed for custody transfer and other low-range applications such as LACT units. Unique to the LRW™, AnyDensity™ technology allows the instrument to compensate for any change in density across the entire API gravity range.* Density compensation is paramount in situations where a single truck or rail unloading site could see swings in API gravity from the teens to the 70’s. The patented and proven microwave technology used in the LRW™ provides industry-leading accuracy – as low as ±0.03% up to 3% water content. And, high-quality components made and assembled entirely in the USA provide reliable and consistent performance for long-term use. Plus, the unit can easily be calibrated in line. [caption id="attachment_1740" align="alignright" width="250"] LRW™ fixed insertion 1.25" NPT model[/caption] With insertable and spool/flow through models, the LRW™ also offers installation flexibility that no other unit can match.  Fixed insertion models for line sizes 3" and higher install perpendicular to the line through a 1.25" port. No pool or additional vertical run required. Spools can be custom fabricated for lines from 1-2” or for units replacing other models. Spools can also incorporate static mixing elements to ensure a homogeneous flow and manual draw-off valves key for calibration and verification. For large diameter lines over 8", insertable/retractable units are available that can be installed without having to drain the line. The KAM® LRW™ is a part of a suite of instruments designed for LACT units and other custody transfer applications which also includes the SMP Static Mixing Plate and the E-IAS Isokinetic Automatic Sampler. requires density input CLICK HERE for a white paper on Microwave Resonance Accuracy Related Links: API MPMS Technical Report 2570 Continuous On-line Measurement of Water Content in Petroleum Download LRW Connect Software: Version 0321 - Models up to SN# 0150 Version 0421 - Models SN# 0151 and up
  • KF Karl Fischer

    Detection of water and sediment contamination that creates haze/turbidity

  • E-IAS Electric Isokinetic Automatic Sampler

    OWD™ insertable model

    With 1% of full scale accuracy regardless of range, the rugged OWD™ Water Cut Meter is the ideal instrument for monitoring water-in-oil concentrations in a variety of applications from production to pipeline. The OWD™ offers continuous, real-time, water cut data.

    Unlike other water-cut meters, the OWD's patented multi-antenna design reads both oil continuous and water continuous modes simultaneously and automatically transitions between the two. Each of the two antennas operates with a microwave frequency ideal for water or oil continuous phase for higher accuracy and repeatability. In essence, it is two instruments operating in parallel with a single microprocessor. The result is measurement over a true 0-100% range with +/-1% accuracy regardless of water content.

    The OWD™ also uses internal references to auto calibrate for drift caused by temperature changes of the electronics, and automatically compensates for changes in fluid temperature.

    The simplicity of design and quality of engineering employed in the OWD™ Water Cut Meter mean there are no moving parts. The output signal can be sent to Flow Computers, SCADA, PLC’s or to a Central Control Room for logging or display on chart recorders or monitors.

    For ranges up to 10% water, the KAM LRW Low Range Watercut meter offers industry-leading accuracy and repeatability with automatic density correction throughout the entire API gravity range.

    CLICK HERE for a whitepaper on Water Content Determination in Crude Oil

  • Karl Fischer

    Microwave based probes offer in-tank monitoring of water levels for system optimization and automation

  • LRW Low Range Watercut Meter

    [caption id="attachment_733" align="alignright" width="117"] KF™ portable model[/caption] Easy to use and fully automatic, KAM KF Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzers make the determination of water content in crude oils extremely simple, fast and accurate. Whether you are using it in the lab or the field, the KAM KF is specially designed for oil-industry applications with a rugged exterior, extra storage and convenience all in mind. In most cases, KAM moisture analyzers process samples in less than 5 minutes, accurately determining the water content in crude oil samples for all custody transfer operations: production, pipeline, marine, or truck. They can also be used to analyze refined products, transformer oils, jet fuels, chemicals, and most other liquids. CLICK HERE for quick instructions on how to measure water in crude oil using our Karl Fischer Related Links: API MPMS Chapter 10.9 Standard Test Method for Water in Crude Oils by Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration ASTM D4928 Standard Test Methods for Water in Crude Oils by Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration EI/IP 386 Crude petroleum - Determination of water - Coulometric Karl Fischer titration method Download KF Software: Version 2.0
  • Automatic Well Testing

  • CHA Colorimeter / Haze Analyzer

    In-tank probes monitor water and emulsions levels through the desalter process for system optimization

  • Automatic Tank Dewatering

    Highly accurate and fast, custody transfer level water-in-oil measurement for marine and onshore labs

  • Automatic Tank Dewatering


    [caption id="attachment_312" align="alignright" width="300"] PKF™ Portable Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer[/caption]

    Traditional field and laboratory methods for measuring water in crude oil (distillation and centrifuge) can take 30 minutes to several hours and lack the accuracy crucial for many crude oil transactions.

    Measurement with the KAM KF Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer, both in portable and lab models, takes less than 5 minutes. And at 0.1% water Karl Fischer is 10 times more accurate than centrifuge and 5 times more accurate than distillation.

    Here are the basic steps to measuring water in crude oil with a KAM KF Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer:

    1. Turn on the unit. From the Main Menu, navigate to Start Titration and press ENTER. The unit will begin to titrate any ambient moisture in the reagent and beep when it's done.
    2. Determine your sample size and select it on the unit according to the instructions in the manual. Keep in mind sample preparation and methodology must conform to the standards dictated in API MPMS Chapters 8.3 and 10.9.
    3. Draw some of the sample solution into the syringe and discard into a waste container. Do this three times to fully rinse the syringe and needle with the sample solution.
    4. Draw a new sample into the syringe that is slightly larger than the desired sample size.
    5. Slowly depress plunger to expel the extra fluid and air bubbles. Stop at the exact volume of the desired sample size.
    6. Press NEW SAMPLE key on Keypad. You have a thirty-second window to inject the sample.
    7.  Insert the tip of the needle into the sample injection port and inject the sample into the reagent.
    8. Titration begins automatically. When analysis is completed, the unit beeps and the results will be displayed on the screen.

    KAM provides all accessories, consumables and reagents. KAM Reagents ship premeasured for immediate use.

    CLICK HERE to go to the KAM KF Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer page.

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