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KAM CONTROLS - Company History

KAM CONTROLS started in 1983 when Exxon Mobil approached company founder Kam Mohajer with a problem. Exxon needed to measure the volume of oil in marine offloading. The traditional measurement method of using an insertion turbine meter repeatedly failed due to clogging from sediment in the crude. Mohajer created a solid-state Ultrasonic Flow Meter unaffected by sediment in terms of measurement or maintenance, and KAM CONTROLS was born.

Solid-State Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The early success of the KAM UFM was followed by the KAM KF Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer. Prior to the KAM KF, oil-in-water laboratory and site sample measurement was done via centrifuge. By being the first to apply coulometric titration to oil-in-water measurement, KAM CONTROLS created a far faster and more accurate method of laboratory measurement. Mohajer went on the road, literally selling KAM KFs refinery door to refinery door. And now, every drop of oil unloaded at the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port or LOOP is sampled and measured by a KAM KF–that’s 20% of all oil imported into the US.

Mohajer continued to invent new ways of solving old problems with static mixing elements, Water Cut Meters and more. The KAM OID Optical Interface Detector revolutionized pipeline interface detection, essentially providing operators with eyes in the pipe and a new way to make more accurate cuts, significantly reducing downgrade and transmix.

Today, with products on every continent (OK – not Antarctica), multiple patents, and representatives all over the world, KAM CONTROLS has grown into a true technology leader in petroleum measurement. But the idea that the company exists to solve its customers problems is what continues to drive the spirit of innovation and expansion.