Company History

Founded in 1983 in Houston, Texas, KAM CONTROLS is an R&D based company providing measurement solutions to the petroleum industry. KAM has a history of pioneering new technologies and applications, such as the world’s first insertable/retractable ultrasonic flow meter, the innovative SMP Static Mixing Plate, and the patented multi-antenna OWD® for full cut water in oil measurement.

KAM leads the industry for BS&W measurement with the patented, density-compensated LRW™ Low Range Watercut meter for LACT units, truck unloading risers, and many more midstream applications. KAM also offers automatic liquid sampling per API MPMS Chapter 8.2 with the KAM IAS Isokinetic Automatic Sampler and E-IAS™ Electric Isokinetic Automatic Sampler. Completing our suite of watercut technologies are the KAM KF Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer for laboratory and field oil-water measurement, and the ATD Automatic Tank Dewatering system providing level measurement for both tank dewatering and desalter optimization. KAM mixing solutions, including the SMP Static Mixing Plate, the SMS Static Mixing Spool and the patented ML Measurement Loop for powering mixing, ensure a homogeneous flow for all our instrumentation. Downstream, KAM offers pipeline interface detection with the KAM® OID™ Optical Interface Detector and CHA™ Colorimeter Haze Analyzer. Finally, the KAM® OOD™ Optical Oil Detector provides main-line oil-in-water detection at the ppm level with the simplest design and installation available.

The company’s Simple Precision™ philosophy creates an environment focused on the absolute highest standards for quality, accuracy, and ease of use, saving KAM customers time, money, and invaluable man-hours.

All KAM CONTROLS products are developed and manufactured at company headquarters in Houston, Texas by a dedicated team of engineers and technicians.