AnyDensity™ and the LRW™ BS&W Meter

All About AnyDensity™ and the KAM LRW™ BS&W Meter

Density has become a key measurement issue in current shale production. Individual unloading sites could see density swings by batch from the API gravity teens to the 70’s. And, because BS&W meters measure the electrical properties of the fluid, density affects the accuracy of these instruments.

But, the KAM LRW Low Range Watercut uses a patented microwave resonance technology to measure water content. And, while density would normally still affect accuracy, the relationship between a change in density and a change in accuracy is linear. So, KAM developed AnyDensity™ technology which takes a density feed from a mass flow meter or densitometer and uses that information to compensate for changes in density.

AnyDensity™ is standard on every LRW model and requires no additional controllers or calculations. Everything is done in the small electronics enclosure on the meter itself. In a recent field test, the unit saw batches between API 18 and 75 over the course of two days. When compared against centrifuge and Karl Fischer readings by batch, the unit maintained stated accuracy without any need to recalibrate or make any adjustments whatsoever. In fact, three months later, the unit was still in the field, and still performing accurately when compared with batch averages.

Combined with the industry-leading accuracy and simplicity of installation, the LRW is the perfect BS&W meter for LACT units, custody transfer, and other loading and unloading sites with water content below 10%.

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