KAM Simple Precision
E-IAS Electric Isokinetic Automatic Sampler

E-IAS™ with 1.25″ NPT mounting

 The all new KAM E-IAS is our first ever electric-drive automatic sampler, especially designed to serve as a convenient alternative for applications where no compressed air line is available. 

The E-IAS is ideal for LACT units and other custody transfer systems, fully compliant with API Chapter 8.2, offering flow-proportional sampling without pneumatic or hydraulic drive requirements.

The unit can take up to 20 samples per minute, with sample bite sizes of 1 to 2 cc’s. And, it can be installed on lines up to 36″, with several mounting options available, such as insertable retractable, NPT, fixed insertion with flange, and flow-through spools.

All delivered with the same quality and quick service that has made KAM a sampling industry leader for over 30 years. 

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  • LACT units
  • Truck loading, unloading
  • Marine loading, unloading


  • Fixed Insertion: 1.25" NPT or flange
  • Flow through: 1 and 2” flanged spool
  • Insertable: 2, 3 and 4” flanged seal housing
    2” MNPT flanged seal housing


  • Ideal for LACT units and other custody transfer
  • Fully compliant with API Chapter 8.2
  • Quick lead times
  • No pressure equalization valve required
  • Flow through, flanged and MNPT process connections
  • Complete system components and mixing available
Media: Liquid hydrocarbons, including crude oil and condensate
Materials: Wetted parts SS316, Peek
Standard O-rings Viton
Bite size: 1, 1.5 or 2 cc
Sample rate: 20 samples per minute max.
Viscosity: 1-500 cSt
Max. Process Pressure: 285 psi
Process Temperature: -40º to 350ºF (-40º to 177ºC)
Pipe size: 1 – 36”
Motor: High-torque stepper motor
Electrical Req.: 120 VAC or 24 VDC
PH 60 Hz 5.6 A
-20 ºC to +50 ºC
Sampler actuation: Electrical
Industry Standards: API 8.2, ASTM D4177 and ISO 3171