KAM Simple Precision
ML Measurement Loop
ML Measurement Loop Diagram

ML™ diagram

Accurate oil-water measurement is a function of velocity. In situations with low velocity or inconsistent flow velocities, proper mixing  for accurate measurement is unattainable, making real-time, in-line water-cut metering almost impossible in some applications and difficult in most.  

However, the unique design of the ML Measurement Loop creates a consistent  measurement environment and a constant velocity above 7fps, regardless of application, water concentration, fluid viscosity, or temperature.  This  velocity ensures  fluid homogeneity  and consistent oil/water droplet size ratio, guaranteeing highly  accurate, repeatable measurement with the OWD Water Cut Meter.

KAM also provides two static mixing solutions, always compliant with API MPMS 8.2. The KAM SMP Static Mixing Platewhich is inserted between two flanges, and the KAM SMS Static Mixing Spool, that can be designed with one to six elements depending on flow requirements.

CLICK HERE for a white paper on water content determination in crude oil.

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  • Ensures compliance with API Chapter 8.2
  • Consistent velocity
  • Consistent droplet size ratio
  • Consistent homogeneity
  • Consistent accuracy


  • Ideal for low flow, heavy oil,
    and large-diameter pipelines
  • Watercut and sampling
  • Automated Well Test
  • Production Management


Loop Pipe Size: 1.5"
Main Pipeline Size: 2" and up
Suction Nozzle: 1.5"
Injector Nozzle: 1.5"