KAM Simple Precision
THA Turbidity Haze Analyzer

THA™ insertable model

Ideal for turbidity or haze detection at pipeline terminals, refineries, airports, and more, the KAM THA Turbidity Haze Analyzer alerts operators to the presence of water or particulate contamination in all refined fuels and helps them to determine the source of contamination. The THA is based on the KAM CHA’s proven turbidity detection technology, already in operation throughout the United States, Asia and Europe.

Real-time turbidity / haze data can be used for ongoing quality control in all refined fuels including diesel, jet fuel, and gasoline.  This data provides pipeline operators with the intelligence required to monitor fuels at both receiving and delivery terminals reject non-comforming batches and assists multiple parties in determining the location and/or responsibility of water contamination. In addition, the THA provides refineries quality control data prior to distribution and allows refiners to monitor and optimize the performance of filters, coalescers and separators.

Like all KAM instruments, the THA is easily installed either by inserting directly into the pipe, or in an analyzer loop. It can be installed without having to ever drain the pipe and output is a basic 4-20 mA. With no moving parts and long-lasting LED’s, the THA is designed for minimal power usage, minimal maintenance and long life.


  • The THA Turbidity / Haze Analyzer uses the same technology as the KAM CHA, already in use in pipelines throughout Europe, the US, and Asia. A single LED signal operating in the IR spectrum measures the absorption of light by the fluid and uses this to determine the turbidity of the fluid.


  • Proven technology
  • Does not require calibration
  • Inserts into the pipeline without having to drain the pipe
  • No moving parts
  • Long-lasting LED with minimal power consumption


  • Turbidity detection at pipeline terminals – receiving and delivery
  • Refinery quality control prior to distribution
  • Refinery process monitoring
  • Jet fuel dedicated pipeline monitoring
  • Jet fuel multi-product pipeline monitoring
  • Jet fuel filter monitoring
  • Jet fuel distribution monitoring, including truck, tank wagon, and hydrant systems
Media: Refined products
Material: Wetted parts–316 stainless steel, sapphire
Power: 12–24 VDC 20 Watts max Communication
Interface: RS-485
Fluid temp.: -40º to 200ºF (-40º to 93ºC)
Electronics temp.: -22º to 160ºF (-30º to 70ºC)
Pressure ratings: ANSI 150, 300, 600
Accuracy: ± 5%
Repeatability: ± 1%
Reproducibility: ± 1%
Haze Range: 0-100%
Mounting: ¾", 1", 1½", and 2" FNPT Flow Through (Metric sizes available)
2" MNPT Seal Housing 2", 3", or 4" Flanged Seal Housing
Sensor Dimensions: 3.5" x 1.25"Ø (90mm x 32mm)
Flow through 5.8" x 2.75"Ø (148mm x 70mm)
EX enclosure: 3" x 6" x 3" (76mm x 152mm x 76mm)
Shaft length: 12" to 60" (305mm to 1524mm)
  Off-the-shelf 12", 24", 36", 48" and 60" (305mm, 610mm, 915mm, 1219mm, 1524mm)
Pipe size: ¾" to 48" (20mm to 1200mm)
Weight: from 20 lbs. (9kg)
Certifications: PTB 04 ATEX 1027
  (Ex II 2 G Ex db IIB T6 Gb)

THA Insertable / Retractable – MNPT Seal Housing

THA Insertable / Retractable on a main pipe with 2" MNPT Seal Housing

THA Insertable / Retractable – Flanged seal housing

THA Insertable / Retractable on a main pipe with 2", 3", or 4" flanged seal housing

THA Flow Through

THA Flow Through model with 1" flanges for analyzer loops