Karl Fischer Moisture Analysis


PKF™ Portable Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer

Traditional field and laboratory methods for measuring water in crude oil (distillation and centrifuge) can take 30 minutes to several hours and lack the accuracy crucial for many crude oil transactions.

Measurement with the KAM KF Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer, both in portable and lab models, takes less than 5 minutes. And at 0.1% water Karl Fischer is 10 times more accurate than centrifuge and 5 times more accurate than distillation.

Here are the basic steps to measuring water in crude oil with a KAM KF Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer:

1. Turn on the unit. From the Main Menu, navigate to Start Titration and press ENTER. The unit will begin to titrate any ambient moisture in the reagent and beep when it's done.
2. Determine your sample size and select it on the unit according to the instructions in the manual. Keep in mind sample preparation and methodology must conform to the standards dictated in API MPMS Chapters 8.3 and 10.9.
3. Draw some of the sample solution into the syringe and discard into a waste container. Do this three times to fully rinse the syringe and needle with the sample solution.
4. Draw a new sample into the syringe that is slightly larger than the desired sample size.
5. Slowly depress plunger to expel the extra fluid and air bubbles. Stop at the exact volume of the desired sample size.
6. Press NEW SAMPLE key on Keypad. You have a thirty-second window to inject the sample.
7.  Insert the tip of the needle into the sample injection port and inject the sample into the reagent.
8. Titration begins automatically. When analysis is completed, the unit beeps and the results will be displayed on the screen.

KAM provides all accessories, consumables and reagents. KAM Reagents ship premeasured for immediate use.

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