An Unprecedented Opportunity to Try Better BS&W*

With a one-time trial, you get:

• automatic density compensation with a live density input
• the highest accuracy available at +/-0.03% up to 3% water
• unbeatable installation flexibility with models for direct capacitance replacement with static mixers and manual draw-off, or as simple as screwing into a 1.25" weldolet on 3-6" lines
• bench made in the USA


• Success of the trial is to be determined by the instrument performing within stated specifications given aggregate margin of error for the process, instrument, sampling and sample analysis for a minimum of 95% of data points (95% confidence). Sampling is to be conducted in accordance with API MPMS Chapter 8 standards and sample analysis shall be in accordance with API MPMS Chapter 10 standards.  Unit must be installed per KAM recommendations and documentation.   

• Upon completion of the trial, if instrument has performed successfully according to the above conditions or mutually agreed upon conditions, the purchaser agrees to submit payment in full.   

• If the instrument performance is deemed unsatisfactory according to the above criteria, purchaser agrees to return instrument to KAM within 30 days of completion of the trial. Model available for trial is 3” or 4” flow-through unit on a 32” face-to-face spool with built-in static mixer and manual sample point, or 1.25” fixed insertion (with KAM consultation). Site commissioning and/or service are not included in trial offer. KAM shipping terms are EX works. 

• Offer available for US customers only. 2-month trial period starts at time of shipment to customer. Limit of 1 unit per customer. Offer valid until June 30, 2024.

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