CHA Colorimeter / Haze Analyzer


CHA™ insertable model

The CHA™ Colorimeter/Haze Analyzer is a rugged, insertable in-line probe designed to monitor both the color of refined products and the presence of haze or turbidity for both quality control and pipeline interface detection. Color changes are used to detect off-spec batches, the presence of contamination or impurities like haze in refined fuels. In the past, these small color changes were measured by the human eye against established color standards within the industry. Precision colorimeters like the CHA have since replaced the human eye as the preferred color analyzer. Color values can be used to determine pipeline interface, in particular where fuels contain dyes or other color elements. Haze detection is used both for quality control to compensate for the affect on color by water or other contaminants. Haze values are ideal for monitoring water at refineries, or  in diesel or jet fuel.

The direct placement of the CHA in pipelines, and other refinery and terminal applications allows real-time detection of contamination so that operators can take immediate corrective action. Utilizing a unique 5-LED design, the CHA detects color variations within 1% of the selected scale, and unlike most colorimeters, it can detect the entire range of visible color as defined by CIE 1931. In addition to offering unprecedented accuracy, final color measurement can be expressed as haze plus three color (X, Y, Z) or one of several major industry-standard color scales: ASTM D1500, ASTM D1209 (Platinum-Cobalt), or Saybolt. This allows the CHA™ to monitor many different media:

  • ASTM D1500 is used for diesel fuels, lubricating oils, and fuel oils.
  • ASTM D1209 is used for water/wastewater and hydrocarbon solvents.
  • Saybolt is used for “white” products such as jet, kerosene, naptha, NGL, and ULSD (white diesel).

The CHA is fully automatic and  does not require site calibration. It employs long-lasting LED light sources ensuring long-term, stable performance with limited maintenance and power requirements. The electronics are located within an ATEX-certified enclosure directly on the atmospheric end of the optical probe, creating a complete and compact unit with maximum installation flexibility. Fully functional without additional optic fiber connections or a separate controller, the CHA easily installs where other colorimeters, weighed down by large electronics or computer units, cannot.

CLICK HERE for a white paper on Interface Detection in Liquid Pipelines



  • Offers greater accuracy over other, 3-LED models
  • Long-term performance with minimal power and maintenance requirements
  • Automatically adjusts for electronic noise, LED fluctuations, and varying absorption rates


  • All requisite electronics housed on atmospheric end of probe; requires no additional controller
  • Measures color + haze in refined products with an accuracy of ± 1% for color
  • Measures full spectrum of visible color (CIE 1931)
  • Inserts in directly in pipeline under process conditions
  • Outputs for haze plus industry scales ASTM D1500, Platinum-Colbalt, and Saybolt


  • Batching
  • Interface detection, including dyed fuels
  • Transmix/regrade reduction
  • Haze monitoring/quality control at refineries and pipeline terminals
  • Haze monitoring/quality control for incoming diesel fuel in power and marine applications
  • Haze/quality control for aviation fuels at pipeline, tank farm, fuel trucks and carts


Media: Refined products
Material: Wetted parts–316 stainless steel, sapphire
Power: 12–24 VDC 5 Watts max
Outputs: (2) 4-20 mA – reflect values for Haze plus designated color scale
RS485 – MODBUS; X,Y, Z values plus all color scales, and individual LED readings
Fluid temp.: -40º to 200ºF (-40º to 93ºC)
Electronics temp: -4º to 140ºF (-20º to 60ºC)
Pressure ratings: ANSI 150, 300, 600
Accuracy: Haze ± 5%, Color ± 1%
Repeatability: Haze ± 1%, Color ± 1%
Reproducibility: Haze ± 1%, Color ± 1%
Haze Range: 0-100%
Color Range: Complete range of: ASTM D 1500; Saybolt; Platinum-Cobalt; X,Y,Z
Mounting: 1″ or 2″ flanged flow through spool (custom sizes available)
2″ MNPT Seal Housing; 2″, 3″, or 4″ Flanged Seal Housing
Hazardous Area: PTB04 ATEX 1027
(Ex II 2 G Ex db IIB T6 Gb)
NEMA4 (IP66 equivalent)
Sensor Dimensions: 3.5″ x 1.25″Ø (90mm x 32mm)
EX enclosure: 4.6″ x 7.1″ x 4.4″ (117mm x 180mm x 112mm)
Shaft length: 12″ to 60″ (305mm to 1524mm)
Pipe size: 1″ to 48″ (20mm to 1200mm)
Weight: from 20 lbs. (9kg)



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